Monday, April 5, 2010

In Search of Clarity.

Just got back from the gym: Ran 2 miles, Yoga ♥ and extreme p90x ab ripper. :) late night grocery shopping and then late night snack, (dont worry I was good: carrots w/hummus. Brie w/grapes, half a roma tomato with olive oil, salt and peppa!) Now chillen with some chamomile tea, gonna shower, light a candle, read and go to sleep.

Tonight, I felt at ease. I centered myself with the present moment and actually did something that I wanted to do. And it was absolutely simple! I love it. Even though on the side, I'm going through a rough patch with a significant person in my life, I feel like what I'm doing is right. I feel good, and I trust the energy within where the universe is taking me. Sounds hippie, I know, but I'm on that quest to soul search again. I need to find that genuine high, that clarity to strengthen my soul. So, with my tea in hand, Cheers, to a new journey...

Gonna go take a shower now.