Sunday, March 28, 2010

When a chapter closes, another one opens.

I am real excited to say that I am done with the first part of college. I just graduated with an Associates degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute. Lately, the question has been "Now, what are you going to do?" Well of course, find myself a job, get into freelancing and I suppose help my brother with his website. Then, at the very least I can stick that into my resume or something.

Anyway, I feel so relieved and that this was the right thing to do; take one step at a time. Since my adolescent years, all it has been was a rush, a rush to get a job, get a car, make money, go to school, finish HS, go to college, pick out a major, etc etc. What I really have wanted to do for the longest time is just to live in the now... synchronize myself with the life I'm living in.

So, here and again, I hope to find peace and happiness within as my continuous soul searching journey moves on. I have time now so I shouldn't give myself any excuses about what I want to do. So here are a few main ideas of what I want to focus on in this point in my life:

I want to read more, paint more, exercise more and get in touch with my inner simplicity.

Sounds like a good list. Don't ya think?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I just gave it a thought... and I want to say: I really appreciate my best circle of friends. They are those who wish you well and genuinely cares for you. Not that others dont have the same kind of sentiments but, on just many levels, their compassion could never be compared to. It takes a good chunk of time to understand and know who those people are.

It's sad to see those who has dealt with what they call, the fake. The answer is clearly there, you enable them to be fake with the kind of relationship that you emanate from the beginning. Also those who find themselves in groups they don't belong in. It's sad but a true story. I love the good people in my life, even those who I don't talk much to on a daily basis.

Sorry, its vague statements that I've just let fly out my head. It's late and I've been just thinking about who friends are to me. We all have some in our lives. Some come and go. Some come back. Some stay forever. And some annoys the shit out of you, like Nhia. :) Anyway I'll leave this post at just this.