Sunday, March 28, 2010

When a chapter closes, another one opens.

I am real excited to say that I am done with the first part of college. I just graduated with an Associates degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute. Lately, the question has been "Now, what are you going to do?" Well of course, find myself a job, get into freelancing and I suppose help my brother with his website. Then, at the very least I can stick that into my resume or something.

Anyway, I feel so relieved and that this was the right thing to do; take one step at a time. Since my adolescent years, all it has been was a rush, a rush to get a job, get a car, make money, go to school, finish HS, go to college, pick out a major, etc etc. What I really have wanted to do for the longest time is just to live in the now... synchronize myself with the life I'm living in.

So, here and again, I hope to find peace and happiness within as my continuous soul searching journey moves on. I have time now so I shouldn't give myself any excuses about what I want to do. So here are a few main ideas of what I want to focus on in this point in my life:

I want to read more, paint more, exercise more and get in touch with my inner simplicity.

Sounds like a good list. Don't ya think?

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