Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I just gave it a thought... and I want to say: I really appreciate my best circle of friends. They are those who wish you well and genuinely cares for you. Not that others dont have the same kind of sentiments but, on just many levels, their compassion could never be compared to. It takes a good chunk of time to understand and know who those people are.

It's sad to see those who has dealt with what they call, the fake. The answer is clearly there, you enable them to be fake with the kind of relationship that you emanate from the beginning. Also those who find themselves in groups they don't belong in. It's sad but a true story. I love the good people in my life, even those who I don't talk much to on a daily basis.

Sorry, its vague statements that I've just let fly out my head. It's late and I've been just thinking about who friends are to me. We all have some in our lives. Some come and go. Some come back. Some stay forever. And some annoys the shit out of you, like Nhia. :) Anyway I'll leave this post at just this.

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