Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies


I hate myself for not knowing how to balance school!!! But the overindulgence feels sooooooo good and life is too short! :'( But the reality is, I gotta do it if I want to get there.

Slap me silly. Although, I must say... I don't regret any of it. ;) I had such a good weekend! Though I over indulged a bit too much on money, food, and yes, alcohol... I would never trade those last few experience with friends and loved ones everrr! It's what makes my life go around. I must say I've really bust my ass today and I need to do that more often if I want to reward myself at the end of this quarter (Spring Break = ATL + Sora!!!)

See... it's not about cutting out my social life. It's more about incorporating practical-ness into my schedules: I.E. Me waking up on time and getting to work on time (or getting Priscilla to work on time), focusing on homework routines, gym routines, and being careful not to excessively indulge...

ehhhhh bahhh humbug!

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