Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Dreams Are Made Of...

It's so weird. I've been having vivid dreams lately about strangers and them trying to break in my house. The first dream I had was that I awoke from my parents house and got up to walk to school. It was almost as if I was back in high school again. It was still dark and the weather seemed of a crisp cold fall morning. As I walked down the block when suddenly, I sensed a stranger coming towards me, almost running. As I turned around, he jerks to a stop.(Now, this is all blurry to me and I might have changed it up a bit) I then glare at him and I was furious. As if I knew he was coming towards me to rob me of something. Turning the tables on him, I run towards him to kick his ass or chase him off. Of course he ran. Right when I got around the bend of the street, I saw him jump up and turn into a big ass crow. Flying just above my mom's house or what seems like my old house in Brookln Park, I can see a dark cast of two big ass flying crows up above me from the glow of full moon up above me. I quickly ran inside the house for cover. Panicking, I tell my brother, and Charlie to quickly lock the doors for I knew they want to come inside. As soon as I thought most of the doors and windows were locked, I ran to the garage to see if the back door was locked. I see my dad and Xai try to walk in the unlocked door. For some reason, I knew they were only a disguise. They were the crows and were only imposing as my dad and brother. So I quickly start screaming "Get the fuck out! Get the hell out! You're not my dad!" As I started to head lock him. Andddddddd thats all I can remember.

The second one... I'm too lazy to explain but it was similar to the first only, my little frail grandmother was with me inside the house and I was trying to protect her and I had a huge (what seemed to be as big as a Hmong knife) knife with me to scare those suckers off.

Now, the thing is... through out my dreams, I was almost calm, cool and collective about the happenings. As if... I carried no fear with me but a brave attitude. So... that leaves me to think... What is the meaning behind all of this? If someone can give a good interpretation, that would be cool. Oh! And also, I thought it would be cool if I got an actual journal to write my dreams in. Because... doesn't everyone get those moments where they're going along with what they're doing and *bloop* pops in a dream the they had a lonnnnnng time ago? I just thought that would be a cool thing to do. Also would help me on my writing and help me to be more descriptive about defining how things look or feel like. :D

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